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About Us

PEDRO is synonymous with modern elegance, offering a diverse collection of footwear, bags, belts, wallets, and accessories designed for individuals seeking refined and stylish accents. It is a contemporary footwear and accessories brand that originated in Singapore, offering sophisticated and stylish products for both men and women.

Quality Craftsmanship

PEDRO places a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and quality materials, ensuring attention to detail in every product, resonating with customers seeking both style and durability.

Global Presence

With a growing international presence, PEDRO operates through standalone stores and online platforms, making its sophisticated collections accessible to a wider audience.

Timeless Appeal

The brand’s collections often feature versatile pieces that transcend trends, offering classic yet modern designs suitable for various occasions and styles.

Innovation and Evolution

Continuously evolving, PEDRO remains committed to innovation, delivering contemporary designs that capture the essence of modern elegance.

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