“At ABC, we’re passionate about connecting you with the best of Saudi Arabia’s shopping scene. Our mission  is simple: to showcase the country’s rich heritage, innovative spirit, and global reach. With a dynamic blend of tradition and modernity, we curate a diverse selection of top brands and products, ensuring you have access to the latest trends and timeless classics. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, we invite you to explore our platform and discover the essence of Saudi Arabia through our online shopping guide. Join us on this journey of discovery and convenience, as we strive to make your shopping experience memorable and hassle-free. Welcome to ABC – where tradition meets innovation, and the world comes to shop.”


Mr. Akhtar Umar Merchant is the esteemed founder and CEO of ABC Web Portal. With over 45 years of experience in the advertising industry, he has contributed significantly to the growth and success of various advertising agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Merchant began his career with Macca Advertising/Marawah Advertising and subsequently worked with Abu Zaid Advertising, Tihama Advertising Agency/C&C Advertising, and Grow Plus. However, his last kafeel, Ahmed Farooqui of Farooqui Advertising, provided a challenging experience.

Beverage Cans Industries

During his tenure with top beverage industries, he had the privilege of handling the design and film-making of beverage cans for 17 years. Although he faced several obstacles during this time, he remained steadfast in his commitment to excellence. Despite his efforts, the beverage cans were not up to mark and required further attention.

Star Market Jeddah

Ultimately, Star Market (Supermarket) offered he has the opportunity to print 500,000 cake boxes over a period of five years. With his unwavering dedication and exceptional work ethic, he delivered outstanding results.

ABC Website

Now, Mr. Merchant has decided to venture into the Saudi Arabian market with his cutting-edge social media networking technology for brand promotion advertising, available in the malls of Saudi Arabia. ABC Web Portal is proud to convey this message on its Home Page.


Finally, we extend our heartfelt blessings to all brand dealers for their business activities, and we look forward to partnering with you for your advertising needs.

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ABC website plays a vital role

The Advertising Business Clan plays a vital role in creating market awareness for brands and providing valuable information about their latest releases, discounts, and promotions.

Saudi Arabia introduces latest technology

The Saudi Arabia market is thriving in all sectors and daily activities, thanks to the visionary leadership of the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman. His goal is to make Saudi Arabia the most modern country by 2030, and achieving this requires being up-to-date with the latest technology trends from around the world.

User benefits for searching new brands

ABC Web Portal recognizes the importance of its role in this endeavor and has decided to enhance its creative web portal mechanism to provide end-users with maximum benefit while shopping and searching for the best brands in the malls of Saudi Arabia.

24/7 online shopping guide show

These malls are the ideal place to meet the diverse requirements of end-users under one roof. As a 24/7 online shopping guide, ABC Web Portal is committed to providing an exceptional user experience and keeping up with the latest trends in brand advertising. We look forward to serving you and providing you with a seamless shopping experience.

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