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Ajmal Profile

Ajmal Perfumes, with a rich history spanning over seven decades, is a renowned name in the world of fragrances. Founded by the late Haji Ajmal Ali, the company is deeply rooted in the belief that fragrances possess the remarkable ability to transport individuals through time, rekindling cherished memories. Ajmal’s mission is to artfully recreate these memories through their exquisite range of fragrances.

Fragrances collection

Their fragrance collection boasts an impressive portfolio of over 300 enchanting scents, establishing Ajmal as a prominent player in the perfume industry. The company’s extensive retail network encompasses more than 240 showrooms worldwide. Additionally, Ajmal products find their way to 45 countries, with exclusive availability at Duty Free locations and inflight offerings on various airlines.

Ajmal known worldwide

Ajmal Perfumes has earned global recognition for its innovative approach to perfume crafting and for setting industry standards in serving a diverse international clientele.

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