Saudi Music Commission launches Oud House in Riyadh

The project’s goal is to boost the skills of local talent while also fostering the appreciation of Arab culture.

The Oud House program will feature instructional sessions conducted by experienced musicians, covering the art of playing various instruments, including the flute, bezek, cello, and violin.


The Saudi Music Commission recently launched its Oud House initiative in Riyadh and is now accepting applications from individuals who are keen on acquiring skills in playing traditional Arabic musical instruments.

Traditional instruments such as the oud, duf, rebab, and mizmar, commonly played at celebrations in the Kingdom, are a key part of the country’s musical culture.

Oud House was established as a music training center overseen by the renowned maestro Naseer Shamma, where it will provide educational talks and hands-on workshops.

The oud, with a history spanning over 3,000 years, stands as one of the Arab world’s ancient and pivotal stringed instruments, holding a significant historical significance.

The curriculum at Oud House will comprise instructional sessions guided by accomplished musicians, focusing on mastering instruments like the flute, bezek, cello, and violin.

The project’s objectives include the promotion of Arabic culture, increasing awareness about the importance of the oud, and nurturing a worldwide network of professional oud players.

Following a training and rehearsal period, students will be given the chance to take part in live performances.

The creation of Oud House is a key component of the Music Commission’s efforts to enrich Saudi Arabia’s music industry, stimulate its expansion, and offer training and empowerment prospects to local talent.

Advertisement Bizclan proudly announces the launch of Oud House in Riyadh, extending heartfelt thanks to the Saudi Music Commission for their support. This initiative aims to provide a unique platform for local talent, offering them the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents. Oud House is set to play a pivotal role in nurturing and promoting the rich musical culture of Saudi Arabia while empowering its talented individuals. It is a testament to Bizclan’s commitment to fostering creativity and cultural enrichment within the local community. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to celebrate the vibrant music scene in Riyadh and beyond.


The launch of Oud House in Riyadh by the Saudi Music Commission marks a significant step towards nurturing local musical talent and promoting Saudi culture. This initiative offers a dynamic platform for artists to showcase their skills and contribute to the thriving music scene in the region. Oud House is poised to become a cultural hub that empowers musicians and celebrates the rich heritage of Saudi Arabia.

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